Make Easy Money With Work At Home Jobs With Android Phone

College is not cheap and one would not want one’s parents to bear the entire burden of college expenses. So here are some cool work at home jobs with the android phone which are easy to signup for and will give some cool cash.

The few platforms are:

Clickworker –

This is a platform where one will find a lot of crowdsourcing work. Download the app and choose your job. The pay varies according to the job.

ESL jobs:

Online teaching has shot through the roof due to English’s importance as a global language. There are several apps such as PalFish and Nice Talk where one can make easy money if one is a native speaker of English. The rates are fixed per hour and as one gains experience, one can increase the rates as well. Isn’t it cool to be paid for just talking to some Chinese students? Dig deep to find apps that do not require native speakers of English.


If you have an eye for fashion and follow the latest offerings of the fashion world, then this is the job for you. This company is looking for personal shoppers and stylists who would like to work from home by suggesting the outfits through the live messaging app of the company. The income is generated through the commission earned from any purchase.


Review the calls and get paid.


Be the mystery shopper and get paid for the same. Find out a mission nearby and earn either in cash or gift cards.


The company hires internet analysts to evaluate map, local popular spots and search evaluation. It is flexible and the pay depends on the complexity of the job.

These are just a few out of many. One needs a stable internet connection and a reliable smartphone to start earning decent money.